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Michigan Goalkeeper Academy

How do I know my keeper is confirmed for camp?
You will receive an email confirmation after payment is received.

How are keepers grouped at camp?
On day 1 of camp we first group according to age. As the day progresses we generally are able to identify pretty quickly when a keepers skill level out-weighs their age and will check with guardians at the end of the day before moving them into a higher age group for day 2. ​

Sometimes guardians will want their keeper placed in a higher age group and the skill level doesn't match the speed of play. Coaches will put their professional opinion first which is led by safety, and will have final say. Refunds will not be given for unhappiness with keeper group placement. 

What age groups are included at camp?
Boys and girls ages 8-18​

Inclement Weather?
In case of inclement weather, keepers will take cover under the covered pavilions located near our training field. Our camp staff will abide by all MSYSA guidelines regarding inclement weather and camper safety before returning campers to the field. Unfortunately, time and days missed by weather will not be made up or refunded. 
Does my keeper need to bring a lunch to camp?
Yes. Keepers should bring a lunch to camp. They will have an hour each day to eat. Parents may not take keepers off-campus for lunch, but may join their keeper for lunch on location.

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